Brendan Buist

Pastel artist Brendan Buist's relief is tangible. His body language is relaxed and his smile appears frequently; and smile he should. Not many artists can boast a sixth successful solo exhibition in which twenty of the twenty-two pieces for sale, sell on the opening night. Not bad for someone not yet thirty, and with no formal art training.

Brendan appears almost baffled by the demand for his work. "Each year I still wonder if people will be interested in my pieces. It's nerve racking on the opening night, you worry if people will turn up; will the pieces sell? And honestly, I'm still amazed they do!"

Part of Brendan's success lies not only in his amazing ability to capture the natural elements onto paper but also in his charming lack of ego. His modesty and lack of pretence endears him to the people who seek out his work.

The age old adage "if you want something done, ask a busy person" applies particularly well to this artist. Brendan averages 20 plus pieces a year for his exhibition plus takes on commission work. He also works full-time in the boat building industry and has a young family..

‘Drawing is something I love to do with my eldest boy Bohdan" says Brendan and at five he is already showing a definite talent. "The other day he was studying a fly and he drew it from three different perspectives; the top, front and side. He constantly blows me away with his ability"

Each year Brendan and Tall Poppy Gallery (where he exhibits) try to give something back to the local community. Proceeds from the sale of some of his art-work in the past has gone towards SIDS and KIDS as well as towards procuring specialised bikes for Malibu School in Rockingham.

Now a resident of Laguna in Tasmania, Brendan travels with his family each year back to Safety Bay in Western Australia to hold his annual solo exhibition.

Brendan Buist