Narelle Keulder

Narelle Keulders paintings display a charmingly awkward perspective and proportion. They characteristically display a strong use of bold primary colour, repetition of pattern and a startling simplicity. It is not surprising then to learn that she finds inspiration in children's artwork. She also cites ethnic folk art from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina as a source of wonder.

Each painting appears to capture an innocent, fairytale like figment of the imagination. Her paintings are invariably happy, whimsical and incorporate an unusual juxta-positioning of women, birds, flowers, dogs, cats and angel wings. It is this rendering on paper and canvas of this fantasy world of improbable encounters that art buyers find so intriguing.

Acrylic and pastel chalks are her medium of choice due to the vibrancy and depth of colour they allow the artist to achieve. Bright flowers and birds from a recent trip to Fiji have provided an impetus for a new series of work in progress.


Exhibitions and Achievements

Narelle's pieces are exlusively available in the Tall Poppy Gallery.