Brendan Buist's Port Sorrell

Brendan Buist

Pastel artist Brendan Buist's relief is tangible. His body language is relaxed and his smile appears frequently; and smile he should. Not many artists can boast a sixth successful solo exhibition in which twenty of the twenty-two pieces for sale, sell on the opening night.

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Carol Clitheroe

Carol Clitheroe's artwork is a visual affirmation of Carol's number one passion - the sea. When not painting it she can be found either swimming in it, diving under it or sailing on it. Water plays such a large part in Carol's life that it is hard to imagine her living anywhere but right by it.

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Elizabeth (Roper) Law

Elizabeth's passion for the visual arts began with chalk drawing on the footpath at the age of six and was encouraged by her father to draw and paint at every opportunity.

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Narelle Keulder

Narelle Keulders paintings display a charmingly awkward perspective and proportion. They characteristically display a strong use of bold primary colour, repetition of pattern and a startling simplicity.

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